Pacific Thermal Suite (52mm)

Perfect for homes in cooler climates, architecturally designed, difficult location, and nicely fitted out. The Pacific Thermal Suite has great noise reducing qualities, improves thermal insulation and virtually eliminates condensation.

The Pacific Thermal Suite is the perfect solution for a more comfortable, warmer and drier home.

In new homes double glazing is now standard. It allows the sun’s heat and light to pass through the window and has the benefit of being able to retain the heat within the home. Therefore it improves the comfort levels in your home.

The Pacific Thermal Suite can add an additional 25% of heat retention to what double glazing alone can provide. This is achieved through a thermally broken frame, unlike standard aluminium joinery which is highly conductive the frame has a thermal barrier (polyamide strip system) which prevents heat transfer and considerably reduces the chance of condensation, thus keeping the inside of your home warmer, drier and more comfortable.

Sleek, contemporary lines delineate the Pacific Thermal Suite, while innovative features like the use of flat sill technology add aesthetic practicality; allowing function and form to go hand in hand.