Pacific Residential Suite (35mm)

Selected for most family homes, performs well up to a very high wind zone, it boasts modern aesthetics and practical functionality, from smooth sills for easy maintenance to carrying heavy double glazed sliding panels for increased uninterrupted indoor/outdoor flow. A house requiring these features should start here.

The Pacific Residential Suite is ideal for most homes. It provides windows and doors fit for application, presenting quality solutions and cost efficient ways to achieve increased indoor/outdoor flow. The performance requirements for this home are up to a very high wind zone, although not highly exposed or cliff top. Features used from the Pacific Residential Suite may include; Malta hardware or the innovative Euroslider, Eurostacker or Foldback Bifold. If one or two units in the home are very large or it is on an exposed site, products from the Pacific Architectural Suite can be integrated into the home, such as Pacific Architectural sliders or bifolds.

The window unit sizes for the Pacific Residential Suite can be up to 2.4m high and have robust sliding panels weighing up to 150kg.