Pacific Architectural Suite (40mm)

Preferred for larger family homes, exhibiting high quality, architecturally designed and difficult locations. It complements well chosen materials, fixtures and fittings and can easily handle big units with vast glazing expanses.

The Pacific Architectural Suite is ideal for larger applications or difficult sites where performance is important. It complements a wider range of quality hardware, such as Cavalier, Roma, Cubico, or Malta. The glass used is likely to be a special type and carefully chosen for large expanses of glass. Some windows in utility areas may be chosen from the Pacific Residential Suite purely for function, whilst maintaining aesthetics and not disrupting the architectural intent of such a house. Conversely, the Atlantic may be the product of choice for one or two prodigious units that are vast, requiring extreme performance and weight carrying ability or are majestically completing the glazed showcase that is the focus of the home.

The unit sizes here can be up to 2.8m, or higher depending on unit type and application, and the minimum wind zone rating for any product is extreme.