Atlantic High Performance Suite (48mm)

Specified for grand homes, edgy architecture, extreme locations, super weights, unique applications and requirements of the highest quality. It fits perfectly with all the high end selections for fixtures and fittings. A home of this quality, style or scale will not be tolerant of a lesser product.

A serious home, very big, or small and edgy, like a central city pad poked in between others or a Piha glass box bach on a cliff top, beachfront or a site that is just difficult. The location will demand the Atlantic High Performance Suite. It is generally chosen because of its capability, but can be chosen because it is the top of the range and this type of architecture demands nothing less. Ideally the suite will be adorned by top-end hardware which will be consistent with the other fittings around the home. The glass type will be exotic, to manage light and heat in such grand units, and will therefore be heavy requiring the Atlantic’s performance capability.

This product is capable of reaching up to 3.2m in height, or higher depending on unit type and application. The suite well exceeds the extreme wind zone requirement.