Other Suites

Fletcher Aluminium offer a range of window and door joinery options from residential and architectural through to commerical. Our other suites include;

Pacific Residential Suite - 35mm Platform
Selected for most family homes, performs well up to a very high wind zone, it boasts modern aesthetics and practical functionality, from smooth sills for easy maintenance to carrying heavy double glazed sliding panels for increased uninterrupted indoor/outdoor flow. A house requiring these features should start here.

Pacific Architectural Suite - 40mm Platform
Preferred for larger family homes, exhibiting high quality, architecturally designed and difficult locations. It complements well chosen materials, fixtures and fittings and can easily handle big units with vast glazing expanses.

Pacific Thermal Suite - 52mm Platform
Perfect for homes in cooler climates, architecturally designed, diffi cult location, and nicely fitted out. The Pacific Thermal Suite has great noise reducing qualities, improves thermal insulation and virtually eliminates condensation.

Atlantic High Performance Suite - 48mm Platform
Specified for grand homes, edgy architecture, extreme locations, super weights, unique applications and requirements of the highest quality. It fits perfectly with all the high end selections for fixtures and fittings. A home of this quality, style or scale will not be tolerant of a lesser product.

Oakley Commercial
The Oakley Commercial range consists of high performance curtain wall ststems, flush glazing, shop fronts, roof glazing and light commercial suites that are being incorporated into projects both here in New Zealand and around the world.