Features & Benefits

As a product, wood satisfies all the senses – it is soft, possesses a natural appearance, is warm to touch, and has a distinctive smell. ALTI® draws from the tradition of wood the characteristics of nature, beauty, craftsmanship, quality, and permanence.
ALTI®’s heritage is in wood joinery and many aspects of today’s product makes reference to the architecture of earlier times. Homeowners love ALTI®‘s ability to produce flat and unobtrusive door sills of a similar shape to traditional timber joinery. These are easy to clean and user friendly.
The ALTI® System is manufactured by craftsmen with extensive experience in timber products who employ special care to ensure that the customer receives beautiful timber joinery of an exceptional standard.

The Practicality of Aluminium
The aluminium used by ALTI® has been designed to complement the traditional appearance of timber, while offering a modern, high-performing joinery system.
Powder coated aluminium on the exterior of ALTI® ensures easy maintenance and long-lasting good looks.
No aluminium colour is shown on the interior. This means when it comes to décor design, you have far more flexibility working with the warm tones of timber, as opposed to aluminium joinery where the colour is the same inside and out.
So when choosing your ALTI® colour, you only need to match or coordinate the exterior components of the home.
The durability of the aluminium means there is no need for regular painting. ALTI®’s aluminium sections are a heavy commercial quality that, in combination with our quality locking systems, provide strong and secure joinery that is also very weather proof.

High Performance
ALTI® is based on a design platform commonly seen in commercial applications. All products are not only tested to comply with New Zealand Standards NZS4211 Very High Wind Zone, but have also been successfully proof tested to wind speeds of 254kph.
With many years of experience in composite windows, our Research and Development department has continued to lead the market in innovations to ensure that ALTI® maintains its status as the premium joinery system.
Ecologically Conscious
ALTI® can blend recyclable aluminium products with the ecologically friendly timber product 'Green Seal’.
Green Seal uses a proven, patented process and a sustainable resource (radiata pine) to produce a timber that has the characteristics of many endangered tropical hardwoods.